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My work explores a cinematic way of looking at sculpture and at space without a narrative implication. The architectural/filmic arrangements and juxtapositions of objects create a sequential experience reinforced by the works’ dioramic compositions.

I am fascinated by how objects occupy space. They are not just bound by walls or floors, they create their own kind of temporary architecture within the space around. My interest lies in the motion and the dynamic perception demanded of the viewer who approaches the objects and moves around them. I like to think that composition is an event in time, a configuration held together from moment to moment by the relation between parts.

What I try to achieve is to set a perception in motion that enables discoveries to be made in the course of the motion. I think of my sculptures as multidimensional, in that every angle offers a different insight. The viewer’s motions themselves transform the meanings and connotations of the various arrangements. My work is an experience of rhythmical compositions. The accent lies on the sculptural forms, their inclusion in a balanced configuration, their metaphoric transformation and their spaces of semantic meaning. My architectural installations are highly contrived arrangements of sculptural volumes in space, spatial continuums that constantly assume different configurations.

The major challenge is to move from the creation of objects in artistic environments to the creation of artistic environments with objects. My overarching goal is to give the viewer a physical experience, rather than a pictorial one.

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