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My work explores a cinematic way of looking at sculpture and at space without a narrative implication. The architectural/filmic arrangements and juxtapositions of found objects create a sequential, cinematic experience reinforced by the fact that a majority of the works have dioramic compositions.


I am interested in the aspect of motion represented by the dynamic perception demanded of the viewer by approaching the objects and moving around them. I like to think that composition is an event in time, a configuration held together from moment to moment by the relation between the parts.

What I try to achieve is to set a perception in motion that enables discoveries to be made in the course of the motion.I think of my sculptures as multidimensional, in that every angle offers a different insight.


Another factor that my work is trying to relate with is nature. I want to call attention to the limits of a purely rationalist worldview.Man feels isolated in the cosmos because he no longer identifies as part of nature. In considering this topic, my goal is not to abandon the achievements of enlightened, rational thinking, but to create awareness for the dimensions of the spiritual and thereby to expand the human consciousness.

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